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Tips for Fabulous Photos

22. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Your profile image is your very first chance to make an impression on a potential match. We checked out a range of pro photography sites and found tips to give you the absolute best profile photos. It doesn’t matter if you are taking the pictures yourself with the aid of a timer or remote or enlisting the aid of a friend. There is plenty you can do to improve your pictures to make a great first impression.


No Mirror Shots

Get out of the bathroom and into the more welcoming areas of your home and yard. Most cameras have timer settings, and a few even have remotes available that you can buy for a few bucks. Use these tools to take photos that are world’s better than the standard reflection shot.


Pick a Great Setting

Outdoors with plenty of soft, natural light is always a good pick. Pick a background for your photo that is clean and uncluttered. Make sure that your background contrasts with what you are wearing; for instance, if you have on a dark suit, stand against a light colored wall.


Facial Expressions That Make a Connection

You should be smiling with your eyes and not just holding your mouth in a smile formation. The latter looks stiff, forced, and ultimately uncomfortable and unfriendly. Some pro photographers recommend closing your eyes and them opening them just before snapping the shot so your expression does not look frozen. Others say that looking slightly above the lens is key. Still others recommend talking or laughing right before snapping off a shot.


Posture Counts

Your body language should be relaxed but confident. Avoid slouching, as that can look less than ideal. Pros say you should keep your shoulders back and turn your body and face at a slight angle to the camera. Position the camera so the lens is above you so you are not looking down.


Shoot Lots of Photos

Lots and lots. When you are using a digital camera, your only limitations are disk space and time. This allows you to discard any that are off and keep only the very best shots. Many professionals say that they reject as many as 50 photos for every 1 that they keep.


And, remember to include a number of photos that show you in different clothing, locations and activities. Pick the pictures that show you at your very best to attract the sort of lady that you want. Log on now to begin your search.


Photo: sxc.hu user ilco