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Tips for Moving Your Russian Bride to Sweden

11. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

Sweden along with other Nordic nations is well known for a high standard of living and stable government.  For these and other reasons, many people wish to immigrate to Sweden.  If you would like for your Russian Bride to visit youor live as a resident in Sweden, here are some helpful tips.

Does she need a visa?

Russian and Ukrainian citizens may visit Sweden for up to three months without a permit. If a person wishes to stay for more than 90 days they must first contact the Swedish Embassy or mission in their home country and apply for a visa.

What if she wants to become my bride and live in Sweden?

Your Russian Bride must submit a visa application personally along with 3 recent passport size color photographs with a white background that are not more than 3 months old. In addition, Sweden requires a valid passport and any other previous passports. The passport must be valid for at least two years beyond the intended stay.


What else will she need?

She must also have an original and a copy of an invitation letter from a sponsor and two copies of the sponsor’s passport. Most importantly she will need birth and marriage certificates, the originals and two copies. The documents must also be official translated into English and two copies of the translated documents. Plus two copies from the Swedish Population register showing that the marriage has been registered, wedding photos and other documents proving the marriage took place.


What if she has a child or children?

If she has a child or children, she must produce two copies of a birth certificate both the original and an official English translation. Additionally, two copies of the child’s valid passport.


What’s the estimate cost?

The estimated cost for applying for Swedish citizen ship is about 34,000 RS or roughly $5,000.


I have more questions. Where can I go for more information?