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Tips from Real Travelers to the FSU

14. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

When visiting a foreign country, it helps to know a bit about how to behave once you are there. These are tips gathered from a number of real American travelers who visited the FSU. To have the best trip, keep these in mind:


Cultural Differences

  • When you are in a church or other holy place, never put your hands in your pockets. It is considered disrespectful.
  • Also, modesty is required in churches. If you are traveling during warm weather, make sure that you are wearing long pants on days you visit churches.
  • Don’t be surprised if strangers don’t smile at you. While Americans tend to smile a lot, Russians are more reserved in this manner.

Safety and Comfort

  • Make several copies of your passport, ID, itinerary and any other documents. Upload a copy to a program like DropBox and also copies to your emergency contacts.
  • Call your bank before you go to let them know that you will be traveling abroad. Otherwise, they might freeze your credit or debit cards due to suspicious activity.
  • If you have an opportunity to use a restroom while out and about, take it. There are not a lot of public restrooms, and there are fees to use many of them. Keep a small packet of toilet paper with you, as many public restrooms will not have any.
  • Watch the doors when using the Metro. They do not stop if someone is between them.



  • When going to someone’s home, always take off your shoes. You will be offered slippers to wear.
  • Always accept food that is offered. Hospitality is very important in the FSU.
  • Bring small gifts when visiting people. Chocolates, pastries and liquor are all good gifts to bring at dinner.
  • When bringing flowers, always opt for an odd number. Even numbers are for funerals.


Photo: sxc.hu