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Today in 1676: Feodor Romanov becomes Tsar of Russia

29. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Feodor III of Russia

January 29, 1676 was the day that Feodor Alexeevich Romanov became Tsar of Russia. He was only 15 years of age when he succeeded his father, Tsar Alexis I.


Born in Moscow, Feodor III was disfigured and half paralyzed by what they thought was scurvy, although he was very intelligent and enjoyed an excellent education, learning Polish as well as Latin.


Feodor’s disabilities did not hinder him from competently leading armies and issuing orders. He promoted his progressive, liberal views, and founded the Academy of Sciences in the Zaikonospassky Monastery.


The most notable reform of Feodor III was the abolition of the system of mestnichestvo, or place priority, which was the hierarchical system that placed a higher value on people with extended and respected ancestry, rather than their personal qualities. Therefore, all future appointments to the civil and military services were determined by merit rather than pedigree.


Feodor III married a Ukrainian noblewoman in 1680, but she died just days after childbirth 1 year later. He married a second time in 1682, but then Feodor himself died only 3 months later in May. His death triggered the Moscow Uprising of 1682.