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Today in 1928 – Ill-fated Cosmonaut Georgiy Dobrovolskiy is Born

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Just 5 days after his 43rd birthday, Georgiy Timofeyevich Dobrovolskiy was hurtled into the cosmos as the fill-in commander of the Soyuz 11 mission, which eventually became the second Soviet cosmonaut crew to die during space flight.

Born in Odessa, Ukrainian SSR, Dobrovolskiy was part of the back-up crew that was called into action after x-rays revealed possible tuberculosis in one of the prime crew members. This was Dobrovolskiy’s first space mission.

The Soyuz 11 crew remained in orbit for 24 days. They created the first manned orbital scientific station by docking their Soyuz 11 spacecraft with the unmanned Salyut station launched two months earlier,

The crew was found dead in their space capsule after it made a perfect landing in Kazakhstan. Death was caused by decompression resulting from a leak in their capsule when a hatch was improperly closed. The cosmonauts were given a large state funeral and buried in the Kremlin Wall Necropolis at Red Square, Moscow.

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