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Today in Russian History: Peter the Great Founded the Russian Academy of Sciences

28. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Today in 1724, The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) was founded in St. Petersburg by Peter the Great and implemented by Senate decree.

According to the Academy’s website the principal aim of the Russian Academy of Sciences “consists in organization and performance of fundamental researches for the purpose of obtaining further knowledge of the natural, social, and human development principles that promote technological, economic, social, and cultural development in Russia.”

The RAS, currently headquartered in Moscow, includes the national academy of Russia as well as a network of scientific research institutions. Libraries, publishers, and hospitals are also included. The Academy also combines members and scientists that work for research institutions. To be a member, a scientist must make a significant scientific contribution and be elected to the Academy. Few people earn this prestigious honor.

For more information, please visit the Academy’s official website.