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Top 4 Turn Offs for Russian Women During a Date

12. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Top Turn Offs for Russian Women During a Date

Have you ever thought you’d had an awesome date with a woman, only to never hear back from her again? There are some things that men do on dates, maybe without even knowing it, that don’t sit well with the ladies.


Since you already know where hot Russian brides like to go for dates, you now need to find out which behaviors turn them off, so you can be sure to avoid them. Here are the top 4 biggest turn offs during a date, according to Russian and Ukrainian women surveyed on HotRussianBrides.com.


Vulgarity (37%)

In an effort to make a lady laugh or relax a tense situation, some guys fall back on a dirty joke or crude sexual comment. Any type of vulgar or offensive language, whether directed at your Russian lady or not, is sure to cause her to cringe. It’s no surprise that vulgarity came out on top for turn offs during a date.


Inappropriate Behavior (20%)

The second most mentioned turn off is closely related to the first so it should be very clear that Russian and Ukrainian ladies want real gentlemen. Bad manners and being disrespectful are examples of completely improper behaviors you should never demonstrate on a date, or anywhere else for that matter. Sex-obsessed men are also a top turn off for Russian women so leave that language for later.


Negativity (18%)

Ladies like confident, optimistic men so negativity is a huge turn off, especially during a date! Don’t overly criticize the restaurant, the movie, or whatever you’re trying to enjoy on your date. A true gentleman can make the best of any situation. You should be happy just to be in the company of a beautiful Russian woman!


Bad Breath (14%)

There’s nothing worse than closing in for a romantic Russian bride kiss and then being stopped because of the smell of your breath. Fortunately, this top turn off can be prevented easily by maintaining proper dental hygiene and using breath mints and gum to stay fresh.



If you’ve gotten far enough along this international dating adventure to where you’re meeting Russian ladies in person, you certainly don’t want to muck it up now! Remember what turns these ladies off, brush up on what turns them on, and act like the charming gentlemen you are. You’ll enjoy plenty of ideal dates and become closer to marrying your match.