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Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Russia and Ukraine

24. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

If you’re ready to experience a new and exciting adventure, pack your bags for Russia or Ukraine. Meeting beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women tops the list of reasons to travel there, but there are some other excellent reasons to chart these destinations as your next vacation.


You become a better person

Travel changes you. It forces you to try new things and meet new people, making you smarter and more self confident. Taking on this challenge eases you out of your comfort zone which is a step towards self-improvement. No one betters themselves by doing the same old routine, day after day. Planning your trip, navigating new cities, and deciphering different languages challenges your brain and gives you a great feeling of accomplishment, not to mention interesting travel tales you can share back home.


You try tasty new foods

Russian and Ukrainian cuisine may not be as unusual as you think. Potatoes and vegetables are common ingredients. Popular dishes are familiar by other names, adding a special touch of Russian flavor. You’ve probably heard of borscht, the popular soup made from beets or tomatoes, but there is also kotlety which are small pan-fried meatballs and shashlyk which is a type of shish kebab. Pirozhki, better known as a type of pirogie, are small doughy pies stuffed with potatoes, meats, cheeses, vegetables, or even fish. Oladi are delicious Russian pancakes. And of course, there are strong libations to sample. Russia is famous for vodka, while Ukrainians drink horilka.


You buy cool stuff

Embarking on a travel adventure means you get to buy new gadgets. If you’ve wanted to buy a new laptop, cell phone, or GPS, now’s a good excuse. Maybe you need some new luggage or a new backpack. You probably want to buy a couple new outfits while you’re at it and a good pair of boots. Besides your travel accessories, you get to buy cool souvenirs. There are plenty of traditional and historical items that you can take home.


You experience culture, art, and history

Russia and Ukraine have strong devotions for their culture, people, and history. This is seen through the many monuments, churches, and other historical buildings. Amazing artwork can be admired in thousands of museums, as well as in the architecture everywhere. The expansive palaces and cathedrals are breathtaking. Russia and Ukraine may not usually be considered places of great beauty, but you will be surprised at the gorgeous scenery and landscapes surrounding you.  


You meet hot Russian and Ukrainian brides

The best part about traveling to Russia and Ukraine is meeting all of the beautiful women you have been getting to know on HotRussianBrides. Finally meeting these amazing women in person is the highlight of your trip. Dining together at a restaurant, visiting a museum, or perhaps just strolling around town will make your wait very worthwhile. Some have said that meeting their favorite Russian or Ukrainian lady in person was all they needed to realize that she was the one.


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