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Top 5 Russian Super Villains

17. September 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Back in April, we brought you a list of the Top 5 Russian Super-Heroes to coincide with the release of Iron Man 2, featuring not only a Russian Super-Villain, played by Hollywood legend Mickey Rourke, but also the Russian Super-Heroine Black Widow.


In the time periods considered to be the Gold and Silver ages of Comics, the Cold War was in full effect, Russians were a constant worry for the average American and in many media outlets they were portrayed as villains, much as Germans and Japanese were in the 30’s and 40’s. In many cases, though, the characters that were created have become interesting and long-lasting icons that stand on their own merits.


5) The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier was a Soviet Assassin who first appeared in the pages of Captain America in the mid-2000’s. A cyborg (with one robotic arm), the Winter Soldier was conditioned to work as an operative, originally for Soviet interests, then later after the fall of the Soviet Union for a former General who became an independent Arms dealer.


As time went on, it was discovered that he was originally an American soldier names James Barnes, who was Captain America’s original World War II sidekick, “Bucky”. Thought dead after the war, Bucky had been brainwashed and used as a human weapon, being cryogenically frozen between missions to preserve his youth.


Barnes’ programming was later broken and he went rogue, redeeming himself and eventually becoming Captain America himself after the original’s death.


4) The Oktober Guard

While GI Joe was best known for its cartoon and toy line, much of the backstory that has made the characters so timeless and memorable came from the 80’s comic book series. While having a small role in the Cartoon, GI Joe’s “Russian Counterpart” team, the Oktober Guard was a much more prominent force in print.


The Oktober Guard was formed to defend the Warsaw Pact and Soviet interests around the globe. While not strictly villains, they were frequently at odds with GI Joe members until a mutual enemy – usually terrorist group COBRA – arose.


3) The Baroness

GI Joe, along with the Oktober Guard, also spawned the Baroness, one of the most iconic female villains ever. The Baroness was based largely on the seductive James-Bond-“femme-fatale”-villainess mold, seemingly attached to COBRA arms dealer Destro, and being seen as COBRA’s second-in-command. This hot Russian lady is known to play double-agent between COBRA and GI Joe, having relationships with both Destro and GI Joe member Flint.


While in the comics and cartoons, the Baroness is portrayed as a Russian woman, in the recent movie she was played by actress Sienna Miller and portrayed as an American married to French physicist Baron Daniel DeCobray.


2) The KGBeast

Batman villains are frequently cited as some of the most colorful and grotesque in any form of fiction and this Russian super-villain is no different. The KGBeast appeared in the mid-80’s as a KGB agent sent by a rogue Russian general to spoil peace treaties between the USA and the USSR. After being foiled by Batman, the KGBeast developed a hatred for the dark knight, abandoning everything to pursue the hero.


While not being a match for Batman’s mind or gadgets, the KGBeast is frequently acknowledged as being far superior in combat than the hero and utterly ruthless, even severing his own hand to escape capture.


1) The Red Skull

While the original Red Skull was a Nazi of Austrian origin, two Russians have also used the name. The first, a Soviet operative named Albert Malik was appointed to take the name. He faced the Captain America of the 1950’s repeatedly until the original Red Skull resurfaced and ordered his assassination.


The second Russian Red Skull was Aleksander Lukin, the Russian General responsible for the Winter Soldier. After the original Skull’s death, his consciousness lived on in the head of the General and the two struggled over the control of Lukin’s body. Lukin was eventually killed off and the original Red Skull continued on in a robotic body.