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Top 5 Sexiest Red Head Hotties from Russia

27. August 2018 by Admin 0 Comments


We all know that redheads are hot, hot, hot! But did you know that they are also incredibly rare? Less than 2% of the world's population has red hair. So we went and found the absolute sexiest red-haired sirens on Hot Russian Brides for us to drool over!


Fun and sexy fact: According to a German study, red-haired women have a higher sex drive and engage in more sexual activity than other women. So...you can sleep with a blonde, you can sleep with a brunette, but you'll never get any sleep with a redhead!


YOWZA! So make sure you are ready to handle these fiery foxes!


5. RedJulichka (Profile #841861) - 28 years old

RedJulichka hails from Ukraine and is looking for her soulmate.  Her hobbies include yoga, karaoke, reading and watching movies.  She'll always be down to curl up on the couch with you and catch a flick - impress her by putting on her fave movie - The Fifth Element

Want to win over this sexy redhead beauty? The key to her heart is classic romance -- dinner, dancing and candles. 

"I should confess, that a good sense of humour, intellect and charisma can make my heart melt." - RedJulichka

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4. HeavenEyes (Profile #856544) - 25 Years Old

This ravishing redhead knows how to cook in the bedroom and the kitchen!  She is an awesome chef and says that she likes to cook in the nude -- so get ready for dinner AND a show! 

HeavenEyes is looking for love and a partner to share her life with - think it could be you?

"I am looking for a serious man who wants to create relations and is not afraid of experiments. Yeah! Teachers are very hot stuff" - HeavenEyes

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3. DreamyladyM (Profile #870563) - 22 Years Old

DreamyladyM describes herself as "A real woman with a loving heart and a sincere soul, the one who is feminine, affectionate, mature, faithful, honest and open." 


She's looking for her soulmate for whom she can share honesty, loyalty, and affection.  She keeps herself busy between going to school and working as a lawyer's assistant. 


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2. RedAndHappy (Profile #440697)


Looking for a special someone to spice up your life with fun and laughter?  Look no further than RedAndHappy! She enjoys a good time and likes to spend her weekends at the karaoke club!

"I like positive people and like to see happy smiles. I can make my man happy. Just find me" - RedAndHappy 

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1. WaterYoga (Profile #881944) - 32 Years Old

WaterYoga is a sultry mix of athletic, artsy, adventurer and lover.  She dreams of owning an art gallery and traveling the world.


"I am an artist and cocktail dress designer, I even have my own brand in Dubai.  I'm looking for my better half to love and cherish" - WaterYoga


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