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Top Russian Dating Fears: #4

3. February 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Russian dating, like any form of dating, is not without its risks. Some men will be hurt, others disappointed, some suitors will meet ladies with less than sincere intentions. However, does that mean a gentleman should never give Russian dating a try? Of course not. Without risks there are no rewards, and if a fellow is unable to overcome his dating fears he is unlikely to ever meet a Russian bride.

There are, in our experience, 4 big fears men have about Russian dating, fears that many gentlemen allow to destroy their chances of finding love. One of these fears is the idea that Russian women are only interested in a man’s money and/or the immigration privileges he brings.   


Russian Dating Fear #4: Women Are Only After Money, Immigration

Many men fear that women on international dating sites are only after a man’s money or the right to move to another country. This fear often steams from the belief that Russia and the Ukraine are awful places to live and that the ladies want nothing more than to get out as soon as possible. However, this is rarely the case.


While it’s true that the majority of Russians earn significantly less money than men and women in Western Europe or the United States, Russia and Ukraine have changed a lot since the fall of the Soviet Union and the countries aren’t gray, bleak, and miserable like many people imagine. Have you seen the backgrounds of some of the ladies' photos?


As last week’s article in CNN proves, more and more tourists are flocking to the beautiful nation of Ukraine each year. Not only that, but the ladies have strong relationships with friends and family and a lifetime of memories in their homeland. A Russian woman must give up a lot when she moves away and, believe it or not, a green card and healthy bank account alone aren’t enough to make the difficult move worthwhile.

Are some Russian women more interested in a green card and a man’s wallet than his heart? Perhaps. However, these materialistic women certainly aren’t the norm. The vast majority of ladies on our site will not leave everything and everyone they know behind to marry a Western suitor unless they know it’s true love.