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Topless Fashion Models Turn Heads at Russia Fashion Week

4. April 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Paris-based Georgian fashion designer Ria Keburia turned some heads at Russia Fashion Week. It’s not because of what she had her models wear… but rather, for what they didn’t. Two models walked the catwalk topless, clothed only in long black skirts and odd-looking yellow hats. The topless models held their arms over the breasts while they walked to leave a bit for the imagination.


Keburia, who lived in Moscow until she was 19, says that she gets her inspiration from Japanese fashion and traditional Georgian values. Many of her ensembles include the traditional flower wreaths often worn by young ladies in both Georgia and Ukraine.


What do you think of the topless fashion models? Daring and sexy, or just plain odd?


Photos: TheGloss