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Tour the Best Ukrainian Beer Brewery

4. August 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Obolon Brewery, Kiev, Ukraine

Built according to a Czech design, the Obolon Brewery began construction in 1974 in dedication to the 1980 Olympic Games.


Located near an artesian well in Kiev’s Obolon district, the main plant currently produces 6 kinds of beer: Obolon, Magnat, Hike, Zibert, Desant, and the new BeerMix which includes a variety of added flavors like lemon, cherry, raspberry, and cola. The company is also famous for making low-alcohol beverages such as kvass, as well as soda and mineral water.


The outstanding quality of the ingredients is what makes Obolon the most famous name in Ukrainian beer. The company invested $100 million to build a malting facility and they are the only Ukrainian brewery that makes their own malt. The water mixed with the malt is obtained from a 290 meter deep artesian spring protected by Jurassic bedrock. The whole process involves many stages, such as nipping, cooling, filtration, and multiple clarification phases.


Most guests of the brewery find the bottling stage the most interesting part of the tour, as Obolon is home to the largest filling lines in Europe. 110,000 bottles are filled per hour and 150,000 kegs can be filled simultaneously. Once the excursion through the entire brewing process is complete, guests can enjoy fresh, delicious samples.


Groups of 15 are required for the extensive, informative tour of the Obolon Brewery so make sure to call ahead and schedule your visit. If you can’t wait until your Ukrainian vacation to sample this tasty brew, check your local liquor store or beer warehouse as Obolon beers are available in over 30 countries around the world.


Obolon beers


Guests tour the Obolon Brewery

Zibert beer

Obolon brand kvass

BeerMix Billboard in Kiev Metro