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Travel is a Must for Russian Bride Seekers

2. September 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Are you serious about marrying a Russian woman one day? If so, are you prepared to travel abroad? Though most members know that an overseas visit is part of the Russian dating experience, others are surprised to learn that travel is not an option for men who hope to find a foreign bride.

Some men mistakenly believe that Russian dating sites are modern mail order bride services. However, this is far from accurate. Despite our name, HotRussianBrides is not a website offering ready-made brides. In other words, a member cannot pick a lady from our site and have her shipped to his door, even for a friendly visit. Men must instead court the ladies on HRB and, if things grow serious, arrange to meet potential matches in person. Because it can be difficult for Russian women to secure international travel visas, Western gentlemen almost always come to the ladies

Marriage-minded men who are unwilling or unable to travel to Eastern Europe may be frustrated with sites like HotRussianBrides.com. However, despite common perceptions about the Russian dating industry, sites like HRB are merely a niche form of online dating. Mail order brides no longer exist and there is no (legal) service that will deliver a ship a foreign lady overseas for marriage. Though it may be inconvenient, international travel is an unavoidable reality of meeting, and marrying, a Russian woman.