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True Story of a Gentleman’s Journey for Love

12. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian bride stories are prevalent these days, appearing on television shows and in magazine articles. Most focus on the Russian women, but one story published in Glamour Magazine shared the gentleman’s journey. With so much negativity and scandal presumed of the Russian dating industry, it is refreshing to hear a true tale of how men find love and happiness online.


Looking for Love

Music executive Steve Loeb had never considered looking for love online. He found himself in a slump around the fall of 2001 due to his father passing away and many of his friends moving out of New York City after 9/11. Two recent breakups added to his misery, one involving a divorce and the other a Dear John letter written on a garbage bag.


Wanting Something New

His attempts at dating were bleak and he wanted to do something completely different and exciting. Searching around online, he came across an online matchmaking service with connections to women in the former Soviet Union. He had heard of the “mail order bride” stereotypes and knew he didn’t want a “submissive foreign woman”. He decided to take the plunge and post his profile to see what would happen.


Finding a Match

A week passed and Steve was skimming through emails he had already received when a particular one made him pause. Most of the emails were roughly spelled and formatted, which was to be expected since many of the ladies were never formally trained in English. Lera’s email was a ray of sunshine into Steve’s gloomy world. Her words were well written and she sounded cheery and hopeful, exactly what Steve wanted and needed. His outlook on love and life transformed, looking forward to every email from Lera.


Traveling to Meet Her

It was love at first sight when Steve spotted Lera in the Borispol Airport in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, only 2 months later. He immediately felt the compatibility and the next 4 days were the most enjoyable and exciting days of his life. Exploring Kiev was an amazing adventure. With his Ukrainian background, the music, food and culture had a strange familiarity and he felt right at home. His 20 year age difference had concerned Steve at first, assuming people would stare or make snide remarks, but none of that occurred and they both felt completely at ease like giddy young lovers.


The Proposal

A month later, Steve and Lera took 2 more trips, to Warsaw and Budapest. On these trips, they became more intimate, with Steve confiding in her about his divorce and his father’s death. When he arrived back home, he wrote Lera an email simply stating, “Let’s do this. Let’s get married.”


Happily Ever After

Almost one year after they began exchanging emails, Steve and Lera were married in a simple civil ceremony in New York City Hall. Today they are still living happily together, with Steve saying he’s never stopped loving Lera since the moment he saw her and now loves her a hundred times more.   


Successful matchmaking stories like this are happening everyday, although they are rarely heard. The media is quick to report the horror stories, of which most are misconceptions, in order to draw more viewers. Friendship, romance, love, and even marriage are possible and probable with Russian women online. Join HotRussianBrides.com to begin your journey and become a success story yourself.