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Tuzla Island: Natural Beauty Near the Crimean Peninsula

8. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Long plagued with a territorial dispute over its ownership, Tuzla Island is the most picturesque place of the Kerch Strait.


With the Crimean Peninsula on the its west and the Taman Peninsula on its east, Tuzla Island sits right between Russia and Ukraine.


It was formed when a stretch of the Taman Peninsula suffered from major erosion during a storm in 1925. The countries fought for years over its ownership and it was granted to Ukraine in 1954. However, disputes have since resurfaced.


Tuzla Island is a popular tourist destination in the summer months, with motor boats departing twice a day from the Kerch sea port. The endless stretch of pristine beaches is perfect for long strolls and seashell collecting with your favorite Russian ladies.


On one side you can gaze at the beauty of the Black Sea, while the other side boasts the shallow, turquoise waters of the Sea of Azov. There is also a wide variety of fish to be hooked and cooked up fresh during your stay. Quaint beach cottages are available for lodging and reservations should be made at least 2 weeks in advance.


Tuzla Island is a beautiful and romantic summer getaway that you should plan to experience if you’re ever visiting some Russian brides near the Crimean Peninsula.