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UTair to Offer New Routes Within Ukraine

15. May 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Hoping to meet special women in Kiev and Simferopol? Starting June 1, UTair-Ukraine will offer a daily flight between the two cities. The Ukrainian subsidiary of UTair Aviation will also offer a weekly flight between Lyiv and Simferopol. 


“The flights from Kyiv will depart for Simferopol at 10:10 and from Simferopol for Kyiv at 13:05,” the Kyiv Post reports. “In addition, every Saturday an additional flight will depart from Kyiv at 17:10 and from Simferopol at 20:00. Direct flights from Lviv to Simferopol will be performed on Sundays at 10:40 and from Simferopol to Lviv at 14:10.”


All flights will be offered at an economy class level and provide travelers with food and drink.


Though it may seem strange to visit more than one woman in Ukraine, it’s actually wise for men to arrange multiple meetings. Thankfully, airlines like UTair-Ukraine make it easy to travel to different cities.  


A two-way ticket between Kiev and Simferopol will go for around 1,295 UAH, or $159. Round-trip fare for the Simferopol-Lviv route will cost approximately 2,121 UAH or $260. Head over to UTair-Ukraine to view flight info or purchase a ticket.  


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Photo: Wikimedia Commons