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Ukraine Celebrates Birthday of World Famous Architect

4. June 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

One of the most popular architectural wonders in Kyiv is the House with Chimeras and Ukrainians are celebrating its creator today, as he was born on this day in 1863.


Vladislav Gorodetsky, also known by his Polish name of Wladyslaw Horodecki, was born in the central Ukrainian village of Sholydky to a family of nobles from Poland.


While he began his architecture career by designing Kyiv’s sewer system, he’s since created more than 30 buildings in the capital city.


Ukrainian Google users are being reminded of his most famous design with today’s themed doodle, which represents the House with Chimeras.


Special TV programs, postage stamps, and commemorative coins are also appearing all over town. A scientific conference is taking place at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, plus a regional ethnographer is presenting a book featuring archive findings about the famous architect at the Museum of Kyiv History.


Vladislav went to school in St. Petersburg and Odessa before moving to Kyiv, where he lived for almost 30 years. He later moved to Warsaw, then Tehran.


He has designed such famous buildings as Karaite Kenesa, Saint Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral, National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv), and Tehran Central Train Station.


When visiting Kyiv and strolling down Khreshchatyk Street, look for the famous monument of Vladislav Gorodetsky. There’s even an empty chair at his table so you can join him for a cup of tea.


Photos of Architect Horodetsky Monument, Kiev
This photo of Architect Horodetsky Monument is courtesy of TripAdvisor