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Ukraine to Create Crime-fighting Wolf Dog

3. June 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

As wolves have cross-bred with dogs in the United States for centuries, it is unsurprising to hear about the same thing happening in Ukraine, but while there have not been many opportunities for these wolf-dog hybrids to be placed into service as “Working Dogs” in the states, one enterprising police force in Lugansk, Ukraine plans to implement them into law enforcement within the next two years.

Citing the grey wolf’s superior tracking skills and sense of smell, and the sense of loyalty inherited from German shepherds, police officials are hoping to create a super-breed, combining the best traits of both canines in time for the Euro 2012 Soccer Games. Ideally, the new breed would be used as sniffer dogs, trained to find drugs and explosives. The Lugansk police force already makes great use of their Canine unit, having solved around 2,000 crimes last year with the dogs’ assistance. The advanced senses would also come in handy for tracking suspects through the streets and around the many woodland areas near the city.

Many Americans will be familiar with wolf hybrids, if not from real life, then from movies and books such as Balto and White Fang which both featured hybrids of wolves and huskies.