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Ukraine’s 2010 Presidential Election: Viktor Yanukovych

1. October 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Viktor Yanukovych is currently seen as being the clear favorite in the 2010 Presidential Election in Ukraine. A former Prime Minister of Ukraine, he also ran in the 2004 Presidential Election with the support of outgoing President Leonid Kuchma.

The 2004 Elections were controversial with the original results, Yanukovych being the victor, being thrown out due to evidence of ballot-stuffing and voter intimidation by Yanukovych’s party. The new vote taken after the results were annulled favored his rival, Viktor Yushchenko by a small margin and Viktor Yanukovych lost the election.

Due to the controversy and the loss, the Ukrainian Parliament declared a vote of “no confidence” against Yanukovych and he was forced to resign his position.

Since the 2004 elections, he has been slowly building back support among the Ukrainian people. Using the unofficial support of Russia and the platform of his own Party of Regions he has remained a public political figure, working with members of the Ukrainian Parliament and even building an alliance with Viktor Yushchenko which put finance ministries under Yanukovych’s control.

Viktor Yanukovych is running on a campaign of introducing Russian as an official state language in Ukraine (making it a second language to Ukrainian) and increasing social benefits.