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Ukraine’s Constitution Day

28. June 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

June 28th is Constitution Day in Ukraine, a day in which citizens honor Ukraine’s constitution and celebrate the anniversary of the signing and adoption of this important document.

Officials adopted Ukraine’s present constitution at an overnight parliamentary session on June 27-28, 1996, also known as "the constitutional night of 1996." It was the first constitution of independent Ukraine.

On Constitution Day, Ukraine’s president and parliament decide on whether to accept, reject, form, and/or enforce constitutional changes. Ukrainian citizens also have power to decide on how parliament will carry out major amendments.

Constitution Day is a national holiday in Ukraine and most Ukrainian women and men have the day off. It’s customary for citizens to attend fireworks shows, concerts, parades, and other special events held on this day. Radio and television channels also broadcast The Hymn of Ukraine to mark the special occasion (listen below).

If you’re chatting with a lovely Ukrainian girl today, be sure to wish her a happy Constitution Day and ask if she has any special plans.