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Ukraine’s political life heats up as the country moves towards the final round of Presidential voting.

25. January 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

The second round of voting in Ukraine is scheduled to take place on February 7, 2010, and will be between Viktor Yanukovych and Yulia Tymoshenko, the two front-runners of last week’s first round of voting. 

Ukraine’s political system is set up to have two rounds of voting, if no candidate from the first round has a clear 50% of the votes, the two frontrunners will move on to the second round. Despite the first round of voting’s results where Yanukovych beat the current Ukrainian Prime Minister Tymoshenko by a 10% lead, most see the race as being to open to call, as almost 40% of that initial vote was tied up by 3rd party candidates.

Sergey Tigipko, formerly a presidential candidate, who came in 3rd place in Ukraine’s Presidential race, had just refused to back either current candidate. Instead, he has stated publicly his interest in the position of Prime Minister under either candidate, promising that he would be willing to make “unpopular decisions” and that “the country needs change”. 

The former banker, a hard-nosed Economist who built his reputation and fortune by establishing Ukraine’s PrivatBank is vying for a position that many feel is the doorway to Political Suicide, with any decision to cut spending and improve the general economy expected to be universally unpopular. Tigipko was rumored to be putting in a run against Leonid Chernovetsky, the current mayor of Kiev who is expected to run for re-election before the end of March, it is not known how his offer to become Ukraine’s Premier would affect this run and his intention to start a new Political Party.