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Ukraine’s Tunnel of Love

12. November 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

The “Tunnel of Love” near Kleven, Ukraine is more than just a stretch of scenic railway. Thanks to its breathtaking beauty and fairytale feel, the natural tunnel is one of the most romantic spots in all Ukraine.

When workers stopped trimming trees around a stretch of forest-enclosed tracks, Mother Nature took over and began closing in on the passageway. However, a train continued to pass by three times a day, shaping a natural tunnel to its size. The result is a gorgeous, 1.8-mile-stretch of track that draws lovers (and photographers) from around the world.

Legend has that couples who cross the track while holding hands will be blessed with fortune and good luck. There’s just one catch: the lovers must be sincere in their love. The tunnel is also a popular place to take photos and enjoy a delight in the wonders of nature. 

Here are a few photos of Ukraine’s breathtaking Tunnel of Love. Perhaps you’ll visit with a special lady one day.