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Ukrainian Astrologer Shares Her 2013 Predictions

28. December 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Russians and Ukrainians have dozens of New Year traditions, after all it is one of the holidays that they anticipate celebrating all year long. Russian and Ukrainian women even practice special fortune telling rituals on New Year's Eve to try and learn about their romantic futures.


It's common for people to make their own predictions about the upcoming year as well. Olena Osypenko, co-founder of the union of astrologers in Ukraine, recently shared her predictions from politics to appearance.


"Year 2013 will be dynamic, even anti-crisis and full of changes," Olena said. She explained that Ukraine entered the initial cycle of its development in 2006. 2012 was a year of its highest realization, and in 2013 the country will have to determine the further course.


She also predicted that the EU-Ukraine summit and the Kyiv mayor election will occur during an unfavorable period. "February 25 falls on the full moon - a very active period. Those who will participate in this event will be filled with emotions and ideas, so the day will be quite active. However, I can not say this day will be very good, as the date falls on the unfavorable period of Mercury retrograde," Olena said.


She also noted that the Kyiv mayor and the Kyiv Council members elections, scheduled for May 26, will be also difficult, as the day falls on the solar eclipse. "If voting is open until 12:30, then we have the hope that at least the beginning will take place in good time. However, a solar eclipse is not a favorable period." 


She even went as far as suggesting that the Parliament may be dissolved, saying, "I think the Parliament will have a very difficult period in 2013."


In more positive predictions, the Ukrainian astrologer offered up advice on what to wear during New Year's Eve festivities. 


"There is such a thing as color therapy. You should celebrate the New Year in the color you like," Olena said. In addition, she noted that on January 1, we will have a period when the Moon passes through the sign of Leo. "Leo means a holiday and generosity, so gifts should be generous and bring joy. It is necessary to arrange a real holiday with all of your friends, as at this moment people accumulate emotions for the whole year," she stressed.


Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov even offered up his own predictions for the New Year. "13 is the happy number for me. I think that it would be happy for the whole country. My son and grandson were born on the 13th. I was appointed as PM on the 13th," he said.


Source: forUm