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Ukrainian Band Gorchitza Gaining Worldwide Popularity

25. February 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

With a beautiful Ukrainian woman lead singer, Gorchitza has performed at some of the biggest European festivals with major international acts. The band finds it difficult to characterize their music, since they often combine several different genres.


Their first single, “Kiss Me Loneliness”, was released in 2006 and immediately became a hit on Russian and Ukrainian radio stations. In 2007, another hit song, “One More Message”, propelled their popularity, especially when remixed by British band Apollo 440 the following year.


In 2008, Gorchitza became the first band in East Europe to release an album on a micro SD memory card, with 10,000 copies sold. Nokia then produced a series of mobile phones pre-installed with the band’s music and 15,000 sold within the first month.


Since last August, over 10 million iPhone and iPod users worldwide have downloaded Gorchitza’s second studio album It’s You. They've recently begun their first official European tour, which started in Germany.