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Ukrainian Boxer Vitali Klitschko faces up against Kiev’s Mayor

19. March 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Ukrainian mayor Leonid Chernovetsky has been known for his odd behavior and strange comments, from his firing of the head of Kiev’s zoo for failing to provide the attraction’s sole elephant with “a girlfriend”, to his insistence that the only entity with a better singing voice than he was “God himself”, to his plan to sell his kisses in a lottery. However “Lenny Cosmos”, as many in the media have dubbed him, may have made his craziest action ever: raising the ire of World Championship Boxer Vitali Klitschko.

Klitschko, when not dominating in the ring, is himself a politician in Ukraine, having flirted with retirement in the mid 00’s to focus on running for Mayor. The 6’7” giant with a PhD and a passion for chess made political headlines himself some months ago by blocking a session in Ukraine’s parliament to protest corruption – leading some of the notoriously unruly politicians to make the tragic mistake of physically attacking the current WBC Heavyweight Champion.

Leonid Chernovetsky, notorious for once conducting a press conference in his swimwear, has had his administration accused of being ineffective. Klitschko called on newly elected President Yanukovych in an open letter this week to dismiss the 58 year old politician and to conduct early elections for the office of Mayor of Ukraine’s capital.

Citing the privatization of land, forests and parks and the administration’s failure to remove thousands of tons of snow from the streets during the immensely heavy snow this winter, among various other issues, the letter requested that the President and Prime Minister "adopt a consolidated position on a strategy for rescuing the capital” and to monitor city authorities based on their professionalism.