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Ukrainian Brides Find Free Support in New Zealand

17. January 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Once a gentleman finds his special lady online and soars over the hurdles of international dating, his next challenge is relocating her to his country which can be the biggest hurdle of all.


Not knowing anyone and not speaking the language are just two of the worries that she’ll have right away. Fortunately, some countries have immigration initiatives that provide free services to new residents.


One example is the love story of Lyudmyla. She met Alec on an international dating site. He lived in Rotorua, New Zealand. After chatting online for three years, he flew to Ukraine to meet her and her 9-year-old son Myroslav. Six months later, they spent Christmas together in his hometown and Luda decided she would make the move.


While she was worried at first, she found comfort quickly.


"When you come to a new country, you don’t know anything and some people can panic, give up and go back. Settlement Support were a great help," Luda said.


With 18 offices around the country, Settlement Support New Zealand is a network of people who provide information, workshops, and help for new migrants.


"At first it was quite hard as my English wasn’t very good but I went to ESOL for free lessons and did some volunteering in salons which helped me pick up more English," said Luda, who now works as a hairdresser.


SSNZ also introduced her to other Ukrainian immigrants which made her feel more at home. The organization even provides information to locals who want to learn about other cultures.


"There are lots of different cultures in Rotorua – about 150 different nationalities and that’s amazing," said Settlement Support coordinator Heather McAllister. "Locals seem to do a lot of traveling so we can give them an idea of different cultures and give them a few basic phrases for their holiday."


Gentlemen who are dating Russian and Ukrainian women online should research immigration support services in their hometowns so they can enjoy a smooth transition into a multi-cultural marriage.


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