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Ukrainian Feminists Support Saudi Arabian Women’s Right to Drive

21. June 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Last week, members of the Ukrainian feminist group known as FEMEN descended on Kiev’s Saudi embassy to show support for Saudi Arabian women and to champion their right drive. FEMEN’s June 16th protest took place one day before dozens of women defied a national ban in Saudi Arabia that prohibits females from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Donning garments representing the facial cloths worn by Saudi women, FEMEN members, many of them topless, drove by the Saudi embassy with placards reading “No Men's Dictatorship” and “Cars for Women, Camels for Men.” Many FEMEN members also mooned Saudi dignataries as they traveled to and from the embassy. At the end of the campaign, activists threw whips at the embassy to protest Saudi broadcasts encouraging husbands to beat wives that attempt to drive.

According to Demotix, FEMEN calls on the entire civilized democratic world to help Muslim women leave their position of slavery by giving oppressed women organizational, financial, and political support.

Women around the world share FEMEN’s support of Saudi women, including Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

"This is about Saudi women themselves, they have joined together, they are acting on behalf of their own rights," Clinton said at a press conference. "This is not about the United States, it is about the women of Saudi Arabia. And what these women are doing is brave, and what they are seeking is right. But the effort belongs to them."