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Ukrainian Girls Fill Football Stadium for Women's Day World Record

5. March 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Sports journalist and TV presenter Mykola Vasylkov is inviting 60,000 Ukrainian women to Kyiv's Olimpiyskiy Stadium this Saturday for football, music, and a Guinness World Record attempt!


While it's taking place March 9th, the day after International Women's Day, Mykola promises it will be "a Women's Day celebration to top all celebrations."


"Women’s Day really was a very Soviet celebration, a kind of 'feel-good' propaganda tool," he explains. "When communism ended, the celebration just continued. We still present gifts and flowers to women as we always did, but the modern generation doesn’t even know the Soviet background or what it means."


"It needs to be restored and made meaningful, with a new focus, more modern – not about simply being a woman – it should be about Ukrainian girls making a difference, a celebration of the real achievements of Ukrainian women," he continues. 


Using his connections, Mykola already has the backing of 100 prominent Ukrainian women including musicians, athletes, actresses, TV personalities, artists and writers. He also has the support of Kyiv's girl scouts and expects nearly 3,000 of them. 


First, all of the ladies will take their seats in the stadium and pose for an official photo.


"It was done during Euro 2012; a high resolution interactive photo was taken at the final between Spain and Italy, where every spectator at the stadium could find themselves; first by zone, then by seat number. This photo will be used by the Guinness World Records to verify the record and will be available to all the women who attend as well to share via social media," Mykola explains.


Next, the women will enjoy a football match between veteran Ukrainian players and Ukrainian celebrities. Then, a concert featuring several local performers will close out the celebration. Will they get enough female football fans to achieve the record? We'll have to wait and see! 


Source: whatson-kiev.com