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Ukrainian Girls Kiss After Synchronized Swimming Event

8. August 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

While it was the Russian women synchronized swimmers who won the duet gold at the Olympic Games, it was the Ukrainian women who sent viewers into a frenzy.  


27-year-old Daria Iushko and 26-year-old Kseniya Sydorenko performed their synchronized swimming routine yesterday. After finishing in sixth place, they celebrated by sharing a small smooch! Viewers immediately took to social networks to share their surprise. 


Was the kiss part of the routine? Is that an acceptable way to congratulate your teammate in Ukrainian culture? While the whole story has yet to be revealed, the kiss certainly caused quite a buzz.


In gold medal news, Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina of Russia did place first after their flawless synchronized swimming routine. Spain finished second while China won the bronze. 


"The pressure on us was just enormous," said Tatyana Danchenko, Russia’s synchronized swimming coach. "Everybody was 100 percent sure that the synchronized swimmers would take the gold. But if you only knew how hard this 100 percent sureness is to achieve. There are elements in the technical program which are very easy to fail at and the referees surely wouldn’t have forgiven us for such a mistake."


Russian women have won gold in both the duet and team events since the 2000 Olympic Games. 

Source: Russia Today