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Ukrainian Government Would Seize Companies if Employees' Rights are Violated

12. October 2009 by James 0 Comments

In a draft resolution, the Ukrainian parliament (Verkhona Rada) gave support to a proposed law that would support employees’ rights during the current global economic crisis. The draft resolution prohibits a company, during the present economic slump, from such actions as layoffs, earnings reductions, halting production, or mandatory unpaid leave. These actions would be considered a violation of the citizens’ right to work.


The vote, which took place October 6, was supported by 309 out of 435 members of the legislative body.


If the resolution becomes law the State Property Fund and local governments would have the power to revoke agreements on land sales and purchases by private companies if a company violated an employee’s rights. Further, the assets of the company would then be owned by the government.


According to the resolution the power to monitor, supervise and enforce such a law would fall under the Office of the Public Prosecutor General.