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Ukrainian Presidential Debate scheduled for February 1st

29. January 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

The two candidates in the second round of Ukraine’s Presidential Election are scheduled to debate on February 1st. The Ukrainian Central Election Commission has scheduled the debate for 8:00pm, Ukrainian time on the First National TV Channel.


The mention of debates sparked some controversy earlier in the election after Viktor Yanukovych, the frontrunner in the election stated that rival and stunning Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenkohas to go back to the kitchen” in response to her suggestion of a direct debate. The statements caused outrage both in the Nation and worldwide.


The Central Election Commission has stated that if either candidate refuses or does not participate in the debate, the airtime allotted for the event will go directly to the candidate who does. The two candidates will also have the opportunity to air campaign ads on the channel and on national radio. Despite the influx of new technology, the majority of the campaigning is set for television, although social networks like twitter and blogs are becoming popular tools for internet-savvy political commentators in Ukraine.