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Ukrainian Voters Try to Sell Presidential Votes

12. January 2010 by Daniel 0 Comments

A handful of advertisements have appeared on the internet from disenchanted Ukrainian voters offering to sell their votes in the country’s upcoming presidential election.


Observers say the ads are a reflection of a general feeling of discontent and indifference toward the politics and government of Ukraine.


A report from Reuters news agency quoted one ad from Lviv in western Ukraine as saying: “I don’t believe in our democracy and so I am selling my vote in the elections. Maybe there will be 10 other votes for sale. The only discussion on price will be upwards.”


Despite the fact that buying votes in the election is illegal under Ukrainian law, offering them for sale is not illegal, Reuters reports.

Prices for the votes range from 300 to 500 hryvnias, which equates to $37 to $63.


Another ad from Kiev, Ukraine’s capital city, offered a total of three votes for 500 hryvnias each.

As the country prepares for the election, many have voiced concerns about candidates tampering with the results of the election as well as ineffective leadership and corruption among the country’s politicians. The first round of voting is scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 17.


Source: Reuters