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Ukrainian Zozulitsa to Replace African Vuvuzela at Euro 2012?

24. January 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Soccer fans may love the African vuvuzela, but at Euro 2012 Ukrainian officials hope to replace the loud and annoying device with a more pleasant noisemaker: the Ukrainian zozulitsa. Used by prehistoric Ukrainian tribes, a zozulitsa is a ceramic whistle made of natural materials.


“A zozulitsa has a low pleasant sound and will not irritate anybody as vuvuzela,” Oleksandr Kucheryavyi, President of the Sports Marketing Association of Ukraine told TSN. “We have already addressed to the committee of the Euro 2012 and now everything is at the negotiation process.”


While the zozulitsa idea is good in theory, Stefan Reshko, delegate of the Football Federation of Ukraine, doesn’t think the whistle is a practical alternative to the vuvuzela.


“I doubt that the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) will allow (fans) to bring clay whistles to stadium,” he explained. “These whistles are rather solid and fragments of broken whistles may be rather sharp to injure a person. It is forbidden for fans to bring even plastic bottles because bottles can also do harm.”


Ukraine and Poland will co-host Euro 2012. According to a report in Monsters and Critics, the most popular noisemaker among Ukrainian soccer fans is boat horns, while obscene chants are a close second.


Wondering what a zozulitsa sounds like? Check out 0:32 of the Ukrainian news video below.