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Understanding Ukrainian Brides’ Body Language

13. January 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Gentlemen interested in dating Russian women online know they will have the language barrier to break through. Some English-speaking suitors buy English lessons for their favorite ladies, while trying to learn a little Russian themselves. Others just trust the translators and deal with the dialect difference once they bring their bride home.


However, there’s an additional language disparity that can cause confusion. Body language and gestures vary from culture to culture, with meanings that are often misunderstood. Gentlemen who learn how these physical forms of communication are perceived in Russia and Ukraine have smoother multicultural meetings.


While smiling and maintaining eye contact with strangers or new acquaintances is common in Western cultures, this can be seen as unusual or even rude in Eastern Europe. Staring is especially seen as strange, so while you may want to take a longer glance at a gorgeous lady, try to refrain from doing so. Those who don’t initially smile or look into your eyes aren’t necessarily giving you the cold shoulder; once you spend more time together, they should warm up to you.


Although, don’t expect too much, since public affection is typically taboo. Hugs, kisses on the cheek, and holding hands are common gestures, but only after you’ve met with a lady a few times. (Even then, you may still get weird, disapproving looks from older Russians, like her parents!) While the girls may be emotionally expressive in their chats and emails, they tend to be more reserved during initial in-person dates.


Gentlemen also need to be mindful of their own body language while visiting ladies in Russia or Ukraine. Hand gestures such as putting your thumb between your index and middle fingers, and pointing your finger, are considered offensive gestures. Also, while winking at a woman is usually an innocent flirting technique, some say it’s deemed disrespectful by Ukrainian women.


There are some humorous hand gestures used in Russia to be aware of as well. If someone points their finger to the side of their forehead while twisting it, they are signaling that you are dumb, or an idiot. If they flick the side of their neck near their chin, they are saying you are drunk.


Overall, patience is essential when getting to know Russian and Ukrainian brides in person. While they may seem distant or disinterested at the start, they can quickly open up and become more personable. Men who visit Eastern Europe for the first time often remark how unhappy and grim everyone looks. However, after meeting and talking with people, many foreigners find that it’s easy to form friendships and relationships with Russians and Ukrainians.