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Using “About Me” – Sell Yourself Successfully

27. October 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

About Me is about You!

“About Me” is the very first impression you will give the ladies who use our site. It’s your chance to sell your unique qualities. Send the right message and you’ll waste less time writing women who aren’t the best matches for you. Here’s how to sell yourself like a Madison Avenue pro.


Make a short list

It’s really not difficult to write or tweak your About Me section. Just keep it simple. Pretend you’re an advertising guru whose job is to sell YOU. Make a streamlined list about yourself. Ask a friend for help if you need to. List:

  • Who you are: In three words, describe your most essential personality traits. Examples: funny, loyal, outgoing.
  • What you like: Describe your passions in life and what you enjoy doing in three or four more words, such as chess, your kids, marathons, fine wines – whatever feeds your soul.
  • What you offer: Be honest! It will boost your chance of finding a good match. Are you quiet and sensitive or the life of the party? Are you always on the go or a Happy Homebody? You will find a lady who shares your outlook and lifestyle.
  • What you want: You’re writing to her, so she can assume you’re her physical type. So focus above the brow. The mental-emotional connection differentiates a relationship from a hook-up. List about three or four essentials you seek in a partner.


  • Write a resume. It’s dry and boring. Do touch on your work, but don’t list every job you’ve had since university. Your after-five life says a lot more about who you are.
  • Appear negative or jaded. Negative: “Are there any honest women left in the world?” Positive: “Honesty and communication are very important to me.”
  • Be too wordy, make promises, or talk about sex.
  • Be rigid. Expand your desired age range just a little, for example, and you may find the perfect woman who would otherwise be afraid to write.
  • Rant or vent. Frustration is part of dating, period. Tell us about it, not the ladies! Browse our Web site for tips like Dating Russian Women. Peruse our blogs, which are updated daily and answer many of your questions. Ask our Customer Support team or live Web Hostess for one-on-one advice.

Write or update your About Me section today, and start searching for the woman of your dreams on HotRussianBrides.com!