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Valentine’s Day In Prague

12. February 2015 by Admin 0 Comments

For romance this Valentine´s Day there is nowhere more romantic than fairytale Prague. Let your miláček (Sweetheart) share with you the romance that is Prague. Stroll hand in hand through the winding and cobbled streets. Capture a special moment, as you gaze across the Vlatva river from the Charles Bridge. Perhaps end the night with carriage ride and a stolen kiss.

Did you know?

St. Valentine's day has been celebrated in Anglo-Saxon cultures since the Middle Ages, but it is a rather new celebration in the Czech Republic. It wasn't really known until after the Velvet Revolution in 1989.

Czechs have traditionally celebrated love on May 1st, commonly known as International Labor Day, but also the "Day of Love" in the Czech Republic. Keeping with Czech traditions, on the 1st of May it is believed couples should find a blossoming cherry tree under which to share a kiss in order to ensure happiness and health in the coming year.

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