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Valentine's Day Virtual Cards are Here!

3. February 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

If you've already been emailing hot Russian brides, you've probably noticed the colorful and creative Virtual Cards that are available to attach your emails. From birthday wishes to "just because" messages, there are a variety of cards that will brighten any Russian bride's day.


Now that another holiday is on the horizon, our graphic artists have whipped up some romantic Valentine's Day Virtual Cards!


Attaching a Virtual Card to an email is real easy to do. Simply type up your message like you normally would and then look below the "Send" button to view the Virtual Cards. Click on each one to preview them and then click "Select" on the one you choose to attach. If you change your mind, just click the red "x" to remove it and then choose a different one.


When you have your message written exactly as you want it and you've picked out the perfect Virtual Card, just click "Send" and your email will be sent with the Virtual Card attached. These cards are a cute way to show your appreciation for Russian women on this heartwarming holiday!