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Vancouver and Odessa: Seaport Sister Cities

4. December 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

In 1944, Vancouver, British Columbia became the first city to be paired with a transatlantic sister city when it was linked to Odessa, Ukraine. The pairing was a great way for both cities to provide support to each other during the war. 


Canada has a close connection to Ukraine due to its long history of immigration. Nearly one million Canadians (or about 3% of the Canadian population in total) trace their roots to Ukraine. 


In fact, Ukrainians continue to travel and immigrate to Canada in significant numbers, further reinforcing the close familial, social, and cultural ties between the two countries. 


Men living in Vancouver shouldn't have a hard time convincing their Odessa girlfriends to move to his hometown since it's often ranked as one of the most livable cities worldwide. They are similar in that they are coastal seaport cities with thriving tourist industries. Plus, Vancouver is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in Canada, and for 52% of its population, English is not their first language.


When comparing the cost of living, Vancouver is 148% more expensive than Odessa, according to Expatistan.com. Also, Vancouver is one of the warmest Canadian cities, while Odessa has a humid, subtropical climate. Temperatures in both cities are very similar with 30-40°F winters and 70-80°F summers. 


There are several places in Vancouver that will remind Ukrainian ladies of home. One is the Odessa Bed and Breakfast that can be found just off of Main Street. Guests enjoy warm Ukrainian hospitality, comfortable accommodations, delicious breakfast, and a convenient central location.


See what your favorite Odessa girls know about Vancouver. Perhaps living in sister cities could be your special link to a lifetime of love!