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Victory Day Unites Ukrainians

9. May 2013 by Masha 0 Comments


If your favorite Ukrainian girls aren't online today, they may be participating in any of the hundreds of events going on for Victory Day.


Parades and special ceremonies are occurring all over countries of the Former Soviet Union to mark the anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. 


"Today we pay tribute to those who sacrificed themselves, saved our land from fascist enslavement and brought us peace and freedom. The bright memory about millions of our deceased compatriots will remain forever in our hearts," President Viktor Yanukovych wrote on his website. "This year, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of liberation of our capital, hero-city of Kyiv and next year – of the whole Ukraine."


The President also emphasized the importance of understanding and reconciliation, saying the strength of the Ukrainian people is in its unity.


"We should look for internal peace and tranquility in the dialogue between the Ukrainians who were separated by the war into warring camps. Each party must try to understand the other one. We should understand that we need to be together, live in one country, build a common future," President Yanukovych said.


In Sevastopol, a unique parade of both the Russian Black Sea Fleet and the Ukrainian Navy took place, complete with artillery salutes and fireworks. In Moscow, fighter jets screamed over Red Square and heavy tanks took over the streets for the massive annual parade honoring veterans.


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Photo: Wikimedia Commons