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Video Chat Tips: Reading a Russian Lady’s Body Language

9. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

If you’re like a lot of guys, you’re likely to wonder what’s really on your Russian lady’s mind when she crosses her legs, plays with her hair, or leans back in her chair. These nonverbal clues can be an important indicator of a lady’s level of interest. Whether you’re chatting via online video or actually meeting her in-person for the first time, there are many common body language elements that can provide you with much insight into what’s on her mind.

Some of the good signs

  • Open palms: If she holds her hands open with her palms visible, it means she is relaxed and feels a connection with you. It also could be an invitation – a sign that she wants you to hold her hand.
  • Eyebrows: If she moves her eyebrows frequently, it could be a sign of surprise. Or, if her eyebrows remain still relaxed, it’s usually a sign of interest and thoughtfulness.
  • Eyes Focused: Constant eye-contact is one of the best signs that things are going well. She is interested and likely wants to hear more. Additionally, if her pupils are wide, it is most likely a sign that she is interested in what you have to say.
  • Open or relaxed arms: Unfolded arms show honesty and that your lady is sincere and comfortable in the situation.
  • Smiling: Frequent smiling suggests she likes what she’s hearing or seeing. The smiles should be ones that involve the whole face, showing teeth and stretching the cheeks.

Some of the bad signs

  • Drumming fingers, fidgeting: Rapid finger movements indicate frustration of impatience. If her hands rise to her face frequently, it could mean she is nervous or being deceptive.
  • Legs crossed: Crossed legs can indicate defensiveness. If done while standing, it might also be an indication of shyness.
  • Folded arms: Crossed or folded arms show anger or disapproval. This could also be a defensive move.
  • Shifting eyes: If her eyes dart about the room while the two of you are talking, it might mean she is disinterested. However, if done while she is talking, it could be a sign of guilt or deception. Similarly, a downward gaze suggests shame.
  • Forced smiles: You’ll know if a smile is forced if she doesn’t show teeth. A closed-lip smile suggests she is trying to be polite or is embarrassed about something.

One of the most important things to remember about body language is not to overanalyze. Don’t put too much stock in little things. If she crosses her arms, it might just mean that she’s cold. Or she might be bothered by something unrelated to your conversation.