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Visit Multiple Towns in Ukraine by Train

1. May 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

With the 13th largest rail network in the world, Ukraine has over 13,000 miles of track. Both locals and tourists often choose train travel to get around the country since it's faster than road travel and relatively inexpensive. 


Two major types of trains operate in Ukraine, electric suburban trains (elektrichki) and diesel-powered mainline trains. Suburban trains often depart from a separate station, cover short distances and have padded seats or wooden benches. These trains can be crowded with commuters during the workweek.


Mainline trains come in a number of varieties, but the most important distinction is express and non-express. Express trains are numbered from 001 to 149, move faster and make fewer stops en route.


There are three types of classes of train cars. First class (spalny vahon) cars have private compartments with two beds that are already made. Second class (kupe) cars have four-bed compartments and a steward provides sheets and a towel so you can make your own bed. The cheapest option is third class (platzkart), which are cars with open compartments and sets of six beds.


Train tickets are available in advance or on the day you plan on traveling. You can buy them at railway stations, travel agencies, or more recently, online. You may have a lengthy wait at the railway stations so look for special ticket windows for foreign travelers that may have shorter lines. Bring water, snacks, and toilet paper on board with you. 


Visit the Ukrainian Railways website for more information including train schedules and how to purchase tickets online. Remember, the travel liaisons at HotRussianBrides.com can also help you determine which route or method of transportation will accommodate your needs.

Source: USA Today