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Visit Sevastopol Aquarium for Black Sea Creatures and More

13. December 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

When you're visiting your favorite Ukrainian girls in the Crimean city of Sevastopol, consider a stop by the Sevastopol Marine Aquarium and Museum. Located in the Institute of Biology of Southern Seas, it was built in 1897 yet has been continually expanded and updated over the years.


As one of the oldest aquariums in Europe, and the largest in Ukraine, the Sevastopol Aquarium displays over 200 species of fish. There are also sharks, stingrays, reptiles and even a few mammals.   


All of the tanks are filled with water from the Black Sea through a special filtration process. The Black Sea fish include Russian sturgeon, black mullet, red-finned mullet, tinker, flounder, stingray, mackerel, sultan striped bass, eels and bluefish, among others.


One of the aquarium's halls features a large collection of exotic animals, including Caiman crocodiles, giant tortoises and a variety of lizards. Another hall is filled a variety of colorful coral reefs. Don't forget to visit the gift shop to take home a small souvenir! 


The employees not only offer informational guided tours but they are experts in the field of biology, always studying and researching the Black Sea. 


For a historic, cultural, and education excursion during your Ukrainian vacation, visit the Sevastopol Aquarium!