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Visitors Soon to Pay More for Beer in Kyiv?

31. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Youths outside the Verkhovna Rada committee building spent an afternoon smashing beer bottles. Hooligans? No. Just a group of activists appealing to parliament to pass triple the tax on beer. They hope that higher beer prices will cut down on beer consumption among the country’s youth.


Even if they get their way, beer in Ukraine will still be a lot cheaper than in other parts of Europe. Researchers on the website PintPrice.com concluded that beer in Kyiv was cheaper than in any other European capital city. On average, a pint in Kyiv will set you back about $1.21. By contrast, you’ll pay $8.50 for the same pint in Paris.


The group For Sober Ukraine wants a price hike that will increase the excise tax on a half pint of beer from the current Hr0.87 to Hr 2.50. The extra proceeds would go the the Okhamatdyt clinic, which is the country’s largest hospital for treating grave illnesses in children.


The tax increase would drive the price of a beer to about Hr 10, up from the current Hr 5 to Hr 7 prices that are commonly found around Kyiv. So, the cost won’t hurt the traveler’s wallet too much. And, if you’re more of a liquor fan, take heart: the tax increase will not apply to hard spirits.


Photo: Flickr user bark