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Waiting for Emails? Chat Live Now!

16. November 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Whether you prefer emailing Russian women or instant messaging them, there are certainly advantages to both methods of communcation. Emailing gives you time to think about what you're going to write so you can craft the best message possible. Also, emails are easy ways to reach out to a lot of ladies and then just sit back and wait for the replies. \


However, if you want to find your Russian bride faster, try instant messaging! Also known as live chat, this is a fun feature that Premium Members enjoy at half price!


How to Find Ladies Online Now

At any given hour, you can find hundreds of Ukrainian girls online and eager to chat with you. One way to find them is to click the "Online Now" button on the top toolbar. Another way is to look for the blinking green lights on a lady's profile card. That means she is online and has a web cam so you can watch her live video stream while chatting!


Video Chat Dates

The live video chatting feature not only gives gentlemen the opportunity to verify a lady’s identity in real time, but it also provides a more personal experience. It can be hard to build a bond through email and chat alone, but getting to see her live on camera helps you get to know her better.


Request Time to Chat

While it's fun and spontaneous to strike up a chat with with a random Russian bride, you also want to make time for some of your favorites. With time differences and busy schedules, you may not get to chat as often as you'd like. Schedule times when you can both be online and enjoy uninterrupting chatting!


While email is the tool that men use to introduce themselves and get the Russian bride ball rolling, live chatting is the next step for a more conversational style of communication. Become a Premium Member so you can enjoy this fun feature at half price!