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Want a Partner and Not a Pen Pal?

10. June 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

A common argument against Russian dating is that a lady is more likely to be a man’s pen pal than his romantic partner, and for the most part this claim is true. However, it isn’t because Russian women are insincere about finding love. It’s because most men never make it to Russia or the Ukraine to take the relationship to the next level.


Unfortunately, the majority of men on Russian dating sites are what some call “Keyboard Romeos,” men who woo and charm Russian women from the safety of their computers but never in person. The gentlemen don’t necessarily intend never to visit, however busy schedules and limited finances prevent them from making the big trip. The ladies are well aware of this basic fact and may therefore hold back or resist committing to an exclusive relationship. Some men may see this hesitation as a sign a lady isn’t serious, but it’s more likely she’s uneasy committing to a man she may never see and wants to keep her options open. Can you blame her?


If a man wants more from HotRussianBrides than a sexy pen pal he must be willing, and able, to travel to Russia or the Ukraine. Two people cannot truly know one another unless they’ve met in person, and a man cannot establish a marriage-worthy relationship with a woman he’s never seen. This may seem obvious, but some men, dazzled by the beauty of Russian women and idea of a Russian bride, forget these unavoidable realities.