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Want to Surprise Your Russian Lady This Valentine's Day? Write Her a Love Letter or Poem!

8. February 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

As many gentlemen are aware, Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and many men aren’t sure what to do for their special Russian lady. While it’s perfectly fine to send flowers or candy on Valentine’s Day, especially to a long distance lover, some gentlemen choose to complement their gifts with a heartfelt message or poem.

Many men shy away from writing romantic letters or poems because they are intimidated by similar works from great authors or because they don't know “the rules” for writing romantic text. These concerns, though understandable, aren’t necessary as most women will be delighted by the effort alone. 

There are no concrete rules for writing a poem or love letter. Any length or format is acceptable, as long as the message is from the heart. If a gentleman is not comfortable composing his own text, than he can choose a meaningful quote that expresses his feelings and share it with a special lady. Additionally, a gentleman’s words don’t have to be on par with Shakespeare’s for a lady to appreciate them. The message just needs to be sincere. Ladies can often sense when a man is feigning emotions he doesn’t feel and dishonest men are a big turn off. A gentleman should never write a fake love letter in an attempt to win brownie points or score a favor of some kind.

Love letters and poems, when done right, are meaningful and romantic and something many Russian women love to receive. Gentlemen who want to surprise their significant other this Valentine’s season may want to consider expressing their tender emotions in words.