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Warning: Emailing Drunk Can Be Bad For Your Relationship

19. October 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Usually, men enjoy going to the local sports bar/pub during their favorite sports season to watch "the game" and have a few drinks with their buddies. If you come home hammered, that is not the best time to communicate with your Russian woman, especially if you have already been corresponding with her.

"But I Feel Like Alcohol Helps Me to Express My Feelings More Effectively"

While I am a woman, I can tell you why this is a bad idea from personal experience. I have sent the classic “drunk email” on a few occasions, where I either professed undying love, or revealed a concern about the relationship. Generally, I did not hear back from the gentleman. And if I did, it wasn’t good.

So, while you may feel confident that she is your true love, please wait until you are sober to tell her. Sending an email while intoxicated is just as bad as picking up the phone while drunk. You will seldom win this game, and your lady will likely be able to tell that the bar had two for one specials.

Remember that your goal is to have your feelings reciprocated.  If you are intoxicated while communicating, you should be fully aware that you are unlikely to achieve this result.