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Watch Russian Films Free on YouTube

4. May 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian film fans were fascinated last year when Mosfilm started showing Soviet cinema on their website. However, the site would only feature one film per day. Now movie lovers can watch dozens of free films anytime, since Russia's oldest film studio partnered with YouTube.


Each week, Mosfilm will add five legendary films to the channel, including comedies, dramas, adventure films, war films, and melodramas. There will be over 200 uploaded movies by the end of this year. The channel is already among the top 50 Russian YouTube channels. 


"For us, the YouTube project is very important and interesting," said Karen Shakhnazarov, director of Mosfilm. "The aim is to give users the possibility to legally watch high-quality video material and prevent the illegal use of our films."


Some of the famous films featured on the channel include Volga Volga (1938), The Irony of Fate (1975), and The White Sun of the Desert (1969) which is always watched by cosmonauts before a launch. The most popular films appear to be Mimino (1977) and Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession (1973), with over 20,000 views each.


Many of the films currently contain English subtitles, but the studio plans on including even more. "Most of the films will be uploaded with subtitles in different languages so people from different countries can watch Mosfilm pictures," Shakhnazarov said.


Visit Mosfilm's YouTube channel to watch some of these incredible classics!