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Ways to Turn Off Hot Russian Brides

9. April 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Dating can be tricky business, particularly when there is a language barrier and an ocean in the way. But, often the biggest risk to a new relationship could be a faux pas you may not even be aware of. There are a lot of statements and questions that might sound fine to you, but could wind up putting off that friendly Ukrainian lady.

So, if you don’t want to derail your new relationship:


Don’t Grill Her About Chatting with Other Gentlemen

Both ladies and gentlemen on Hot Russian Brides® are advised to chat with several different prospective matches. Discreetly managing several courtships allows everyone a better chance of finding their perfect match. And, just as you would not want to be hounded about looking at other ladies, you should respect your lady’s privacy in this matter, as well.


Don’t Quiz Her About Past Relationships

If she wasn’t serious about looking for love, she wouldn’t be on an international dating site. Many of us have had significant relationships in our past that have not worked out for one reason or another. Quizzing her about her exes can only make her uncomfortable.


Don’t Rush Things

No matter how infatuated you feel, don’t jump in with proclamations of love in the first conversation and marriage proposals in the third. It takes time to build a durable relationship. If you come gunning out of the gate too quick, you risk scaring her off.


Don’t Talk About Ukrainian Politics

Politics is one of those hot-button issues that can throw a bucket of cold water on a warm and friendly interaction. And, anyone who reads the paper realizes that the political situation in Ukraine is tense, to say the least. Stay away from touchy subjects where you can inadvertently offend your new Ukrainian sweetheart. While it is a good idea to eventually make sure that you two share the same sorts of values and maybe even general political views, these are not topics for early conversations.


Don’t Hassle Her About Not Being Online

Ukrainian ladies have lives outside the introduction agency, just like you do. She may have work obligations, school, family and more that can sometimes keep her away for a few days. Plus, most Ukrainian ladies depend on public transportation. If the weather is disagreeable, she may not wish to venture out to check her account. Be patient, and know that, if the relationship is going to succeed, it will happen at its own pace.

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